Field Operations and Treatment Results

212 Resources operates transportable, skid-mounted "PODs" that setup adjacent to a drill site or as components of a centralized treatment facility to process produced or flowback water for reuse. The key to our success is the implementation of a complete "treatment train" which utilizes a number of technical elements to achieve what no single system can do. Our highly trained operating and maintenance staff give our customers worry-free service to keep up with the most aggressive drilling programs.

  • Handles the widest range of inlet TDS in the industry
  • Reduces total trucking costs and traffic
  • On-site power generation
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Modular capability to expand capacity as needed
  • Highly efficient energy recovery

212 Resources eliminates demand to drill fresh water wells by recycling wastewater throughout the drilling and completion process. The post­completion water is treated to applicable standards for use in other well completions, surface drilling or even discharge into surface waters.

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