Produced Water and Flowback Fluids

Improved drilling and hydraulic fracing methods are enabling the economic development of unconventional oil and gas formations. The significant volume of Water needed to support these new completion techniques is increasing concerns about aquifer depletion. In addition, managing the perceived risk of contamination is of increasing importance. The treatment of Produced and Flowback waters generated from unconventional, deep-well, tight frac locations pose a particular challenge to traditional means of water management.

212 Resources reduces water management costs directly linked to the exploration and production of unconventional oil and gas field development with their leading proprietary treatment-train capable of on-site recycling providing an effective and economic field operations solution. 212 recognizes water management needs will change throughout life of field and is focused on helping operators minimize their TCO through these cycles by offering fit-for purpose technologies and products at the time needed. The proven ability to utilize pure recycled water, and where appropriate, re-mineralized water provides new opportunities to reduce environmental impact and operational cost. Our goal is to provide processes that result in beneficial re-use of both clean water and concentrated brine aligning with the goals of our clients.

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